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This site is dedicated to the members of the band Roxette for their inspiration and music over the years. They have touched many lives with their music.

A special shout out goes to Marie Fredriksson and her family. They are facing a personal tragedy right now and all of our thoughts and prayers go out to them! You're in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers through this difficult time. And shout out to long-time friend Per Gessle and his family, for the support that they give by being friends and being there for each other.
--Little Spooky

Also a quick shout out to: Zeeshan and Jason(TDR), William Ryker (, Queen Dierna Soul Lincoln (Queen of New Oklahoma and Endor) for their assistance through this. The 10F-ers and Zeeshan helped me with the thumbnails for this, and Jas kept me sane while I scripted this together! Thanks!!!
These pics are contributed by MCRoxFan (Jas).

Dressed For Success.
Don't Bore Us Get To The Chorus.
Roxette on a REALLY nice day.
Wish I Could Fly, US Promotion.
Room Service Picture.
Marie Smiling With Eyes Closed.
Roxette Black And White Photo.
Marie Gazing Through The Mirror.

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