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Welcome To My Paintball Scenario Pictures Page

Here you will find different pictures from scenario games that I have attended across the country. I will identify the places I've played with each group of photos. These are EMR Pictures, taken in New Milford, PA
1. - Little Spooky
2. - I won this bad boy after I left.
3. - Another picture of my toy.
4. - Castle Entry
5. - Jeff, hammin it up for the camera
6. - What was that noise?
Chuck, was that you?
7. - Comrades In Arms
8. - DonnaMac and her husband
(never got his name)
9. - Splatterz havin a brew.
10. - End of Game Pic
11. - First morning there, and get a load of this.
12. - Dawg gettin ready
13. - Chuckles about ready to throw his hopper and feedneck.
14. - Splatterz hammin it up for the cam.
15. - Keeper of Time.
16. - Sometimes, it takes
two to tango.
17. - LittleSpooky unmasked.
18. - Two 'ballers we took under our wings.
19. - Team Afishyonados Banner!!
20. - Just a Good Ol' Boy!
21. - Musta been one HELL of a PARTY!
22. - Team Afishyonados reporting for duty!
23. - Another pic of Team Afishyonados
24. Can you tell we like ourselves?
25. Too Sexy for words
26. Our MIA Brother, Rhyno.
Glad to have him with us.

I submitted this picture to PaintballSports Magazine, and they printed it in the July Issue.

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