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Greetings once again. This is my personal Photo Gallery. These are primarily photos of me. I will caution you that most of these were taken via a web cam, and not very clean. A lot of them are grainy... my apologies. Until I can get a decent Photo Editor, I'm afraid that I am stuck with Corel PhotoHouse 1.1, which is better than nothing. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Per Gessle of Roxette for creating Leif on a cocktail napkin. All attitude and music. Thanks much!

1.This is a picture of me and my cat, Peter.  He's not too keen on getting his photo taken.  On May 25, 2003, we had to put Peter to sleep.  He was 11 years old.  RIP Peter, you will be missed.This is another picture of Peter, this time with me.
2.This is Little Spooky at play.  I needed some recent pictures *chuckles*
3.This is a picture of me and my stuffed bunny, Mr. Ears
4.This is a picture of me and my teddy bear, BG.  I named him after the friend who gave him to me a long time ago, when we first met.
5.This is me with my tattoo that I got February 14, 1998.  It's the Crest for the Klingon Empire.

Here are some photos that I took recently when I went down to Southern California, for a much needed break from work and life:

1.A long shot taken of most of the Queen Mary which is now a hotel, and a good place to stay
2.A photo taken of the bow of the ship (hotel) that still has all of the markings on her as if she was still in service on the seas
3.Soviet Submarine Scorpion 641 moored with the Queen Mary
4.Another photo of Scorpion 641 as well as a shot of the Catalina Express boat docked in the distance

5.Here I am at Dr. Bob Schuller's Crystal Cathedral standing in front of Moses, coming down from the mountain with the 10 Commandments.  Although you can't see it, to my right, your left, is the burning bush
6.I'm standing in a cemetary, in front of a family mausoleum of sorts.  Above me is what an artist thought Heaven would look like (it's really something to look at in person)
7.At Parade Rest by the Conning Tower on the Scorpion 641.  I fell in love with this boat when I first saw her.  I've been through the inside of her and she's AMAZING
8.I just bought him, his name is Pokey, after The Pokey Little Puppy from a book with the same name
9.This is Pokey on my lap to kind of give you size reference
10.Cuddling with the Pokey.  Love that little pink tongue he's got hanging out *grins*
11.This is Leif.  Say hello to Leif.

12.Another picture of Leif.  Musically inclined little fellow.
13.Lucky Number 13.  My X-Files Tattoo.  The numbers above and below represent the years that it ran.
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