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This is a page containing a little biographical information on the Members of TDR.
Roxlad is from Rome, Italy. He's 25, and in his words, a little male alien. Or Male, and a little alien at that.

Vaxjoe is from Crete Island, Greece and he's 26.

Little Spooky is from Salt Lake City, Utah USA. She's 30.
Hobbies and Interests: X-Files, Star Trek, Star Wars, most everything science-fiction. Paintball, swimming, springboard and SCUBA diving,reading, music (playing bass), quiet times with my stuffed animals, playing on the Internet and talking to my friends, and several other things. Favourite colours: Black, blue, grey/silver, green, red. Favourite foods: Steak, Pizza, German, Italian (there's a place in Hollywood, California called Miceli's that has THE BEST spaghetti and meatballs I've tasted (imho)

Denstandigaresan is from Plymouth, Devon, England and she is 25.

Markuz is from Stoke On Trent, England. I'm a 24 y/o, VERY random guy. I even live in my very own weird and wonderful universe, where I fight against the monsters in my head. The monsters are crazy, there are monsters outside... Hobbies and Interests: girls, thrill rides, hanging out with friends, music, airplanes, HO trains, dogs (basset hounds!), animals in general, pinballs, bungee jumping, skydiving, quiet times alome at home with no one around to bother me. Favorite drink: beer, and "sex on the beach". Favorite color: black (did I hear someone say goth? well, yeah) Favorite perfum: one by CK Favorite book: 1984 by George Orwell (actually, any book by Orwell) Favorite motion picture: Amelie Favorite popcorn movie: Notting Hill Favorite bands/artists: Eurythmics, Sheryl Crow, Sinead O'Connor, Chumbawamba, Phill Collins, David Bowie, REM, Tina Turner, Alanis Morissette... oh, and Roxette, ever heard about them? The chick with blonde hair... No? Nevermind... Favorite car: MY car Favorite food: seafood Favorite dessert: chocolate mousse Favorite tv show: I don't whatch that much tv, honestly. Work/Studies: I have my own company, I'm also studying @ Uni. Religion: I'm saying away of any kind of organized religion. They want my money! Philosophy: "Life is a boomerang", that's what rules my life. Dislikes: people - they annoy me, cold weather, crowded rooms and subway trains, boybands, girlbands, reality shows, chauvinism, stupidity in general.

Santi is from Valencia, Spain (although born in the Basque Country) and he is 24.
Favourite colour: blue, any shade of it. Favourite drink: Bailey's with ice... also milk Favourite smell: A forest after a rainfall. A book: The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins A non Rox record: (What's the story) Morning Glory? - Oasis / Full Moon Fever - Tom Petty A car: right now I like the Ferrari Maranello. A tv series: V - the Visitors First thing you think of when waking up: "I feel you're here" You work/study in? Geography and Environmental sciences. Vanilla/chocolate: Chocolate... with vanilla. Favourite food: Moussaka... or anything with Greek or mediterranean flavour. Interests: my girlfriend ;), songwriting, writing anything else, driving, cooking, the rain, learning languages, the environment, travelling, hiking, MSN messenger, listening music, taking photographs, the sea, Real Sociedad (fav football team), guitar playing, astronomy, celtic music, meeting friends. Dislikes: snakes, most dogs, too much people, smoking people, too little space, too warm weather (>25 C), town bands (with brass instruments)

RoxRiderUSA is in White Plains, New York and he is 21.
Hobbies and Interests are: Writing poems, biking, listening to music, movie theatre, taking walks, playing soccer and volleyball, watching soccer matches, and caressing a lot, whoever owns my heart. Favourite language: Portuguese. Favourite car: The Mercedes Kompressor Convertible. Favourite Colours and Food: Blue, Black, White, Brazilian, Chinese, Ice Cream, various cakes, orange and grape juices. He is Caring, romantic, not the partying type, majoring in meteorology. He prefers to make love on a warm summer's day, at dusk on the porch under a moonlit sky, than in a bed or on the couch.

Gesslemaniac is from Gladsaxe, Denmark and he's 27.
Hobbies and interests: Watching TV, surfing on internet, chatting, going to concerts, seing musicals/theatre, going to the cinema, soccergames, being with people I love, my family, cats, listening to music, work out, bicycling & many other things. Favourite colours : Green, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue. Favourite foods: What I'm cooking, my dad's food, pancakes, pizza, spaghetti and meatballs

I_Jera is from Sofia, Bulgaria and she's opted not to share her age.
Hobbies and interests: music (listening to almost everything, and also trying to play on my harmonica and my acoustic guitar), writing (whatever's on my mind), drawing (graphics), "artworking"... building a home, or, to make it more clear, building my comfort around me... favourite colours: natural ones. favourite foods: edible stuff.

OnlyWhenIDreamis 24 and lives in London. He works as a PR manager for a London agency. Favourite album: Joyride (with Room Service a close second), Favourite Song: Watercolours In The Rain / Queen Of Rain. My hobbies include clubbing (G A Y in London, Nightingales in Birmingham and Friendly Society in London), writing and travelling. I first fell in love with Roxette during 1991/1992 and have been a Roxetter since. There are only a few of us die-hard Rox fans in the UK ... but I am sure it is a sign of quality and not quantity!

TheRain1981 Real name: J. Bellenger. Location: Wyoming, Michigan, USA. DOB: 7th May 1981. He went to college for 2 years but is currently out of college working in retail until he decides on a career major (if ever). His main hobbies and interests are music (listening, editing, mixing, etc.) and spending too much time chatting with friends on the Internet. His favorite artists include Roxette, Madonna, Eurythmics, INXS, Queen, Ace Of Base, Duran Duran, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, and whatever random obsession that may come along. Favorite Roxette song: Wish I Could Fly. Favorite Roxette album: Have A Nice Day.

Clerk is from The Netherlands age: 24 Rox fan since: The Look, fav Rox songs: Sleeping in my car, Wish I could fly, Breathe and many others of course!! fav Rox videos: She doesn't live here anymore, Sleeping in my car fav Rox albums: Crash! Boom! Bang!, Joyride, Have A Nice Day.

Vixzter From : Oxford , England Age : 26 Work : In a small print room as a finisher (very excititng indeed! NOT!, the flash title is Reprographics assistant)Hobbies etc : Hockey (field hockey!) watching football (soccer!) surfing the net, building web pages (not very good at the moment), collectiong anything (and i mean anything) related to Rox. ;) Going to live concerts (when I have the spare cash)Favourite bands/artists : Roxette,Marie,Per,GT, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams. Fav Rox album : Joyride/CBB Fav Roxette track : Hotblooded Fav non Rox album : Hysteria by Def Leppard Fav colours : Red. Fav food : most things Fav drink : LOTS! especialy if it involes alcohol ;) beer, vodka & redbull, coffee. Dream car : Porche 911 turbo (a red one!) Fav film : Star Wars (any of them) Loves : My boyfriend, My cat. Winning at hockey ;) Hates : Manchester Utd FC, Losing at hockey. Thought : Kazaa....all the fun of shoplifting.....without the guilt! >;) To see Vixzter's page Click Here

Patricia Well, I'm a 17 years old girl, who lives in Brazil and I like Rox since 1992. My fave song is CBB and I love the way Per Gessle sings and writes his "pearls". I'm also a ballet dancer,I love studying Physics and I like Celine Dion a lot. I think friendship is a precious thing and I've got two good friends that like Rox too, we meet every weekend to listen to Per and Marie. They say I'm nice and sweet just like Marie. Oh, God, if I could only be 1% of what she is! Love is all, guys!

Rich-UKRich-UK is from St Andrews in Scotland and he is 27. Despite his Scottish upbringing, Rich has English and Welsh ancestry, hence the UK' in his username, and has lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Redcar, Oxford (on the same square where Vixzter worked), and now Morpeth. Having led over 30 trips with a walking club to the mountains, hills and coastline of the UK, he is a keen hiker, and has even carried a 5-foot gorilla called Bobbins up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales (see photo). Adoring anything Roxette-related, Rich has happily fulfilled dreams of meeting Marie (Stockholm, 2000), Per (Halmstad, 2003) and Gyllene Tider (Gothenburg, 2004). Favourite city: Barcelona. Favourite 'other' band: Shed Seven. Favourite Roxette song & album: Crash! Boom! Bang!

Ally77 I am 27, live in the North West of the UK. Live alone, love my JRT, Gyllene Tider, Roxette, Per & Marie. Like reading, internet, travelling and sleep!

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